was founded based on the needs of our existing and future business partners and customers. To offer the right services, we use state-of-the-art technologies operated by highly knowledgeable staff and professionals using methods to process, sort and purify plastic mixtures. The company's vision was to offer solutions using four basic resources such as: "Man, Machines, Methods, Materials".



The staff and professionals with high knowledge is the key resource of our activities:
- Highly educated people in laboratory
- Skilled employees in production
- CAD engineers in R&D and machine design office
- Sales professionals
- Technologist 



Company is using pre-processing equipment, density separators and sensor-based sorters:
- Size reduction equipment
- Dedusting process
- Hydrodynamic purifier
- Laser sorter
- Color sorter
- Electrostatic separator



To provide the right solution for processing of plastic materials and plastic mixtures is necessary define the method:
- Laboratory testing of materials in modern equipped laboratory
- Real tests on small scale line
- Proposal of right separation process
- Design of large-scale production line
- Self-building of machines



Based on our resources, we can suggest processing of very difficult plastic mixtures for sorting:
- WEEE plastic mixtures
- Mixed color plastics
- Different types of plastics
- Plastics contaminated by metals and non-ferrous metals
- Plastics with rubber


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